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About Us

Who We Are A little about us

About Us

We put our amazing gourmet brownies through Bronis bootcamp to create the craziness, fudgiest, gooiest, tastiest and most decadent brownies we can.

To make them even crazier we bake them in super delicious flavours including salted caramel, peanut butter, triple chocolate, & maple syrup and more.

These aren’t just brownies. Instead they are brownies with attitude – sexier, meaner, edgier and oh so very crazy.

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Bronis are flavour crazy chocolate addicts hell-bent on spreading gourmet brownie love, street by street, home by home, chocoholic by chocoholic.


Founders Azila and Isrul met while working together at a branding agency in Kuala Lumpur and bonded over an obscene number of hot chocolates in the company kitchen. While we were very good at making spreadsheets, our hearts lay elsewhere with all things chocolatey.

Baking in a tiny house in Jitra, we took our first batches of gourmet brownies to a Kedah market. The people of Kedah had never seen anything like our Crazyness Brownies. Within a matter of weeks we had expanded to other markets across Kedah in our mission to educate people that brownies no longer had to be boring squares of average chocolate.

How things have changed from our spreadsheet days; because these evenings we count choc chips jumping over molten brownie batter in a bid to get some sleep and dream of stainless steel mixing bowls in our sleep.

We are still completely hands on with our team of chocoholics and are still heavily addicted to brownies using that important excuse of ‘quality control’.

About Us
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Our Commitment

Vission & Mission Statement


To be the 1st brand in Malaysia who produce innovative chocolate products.
  • Produce a unique and quality products for customers satisfaction
  • Produce a Halal products
  • Developing quality leaders
  • Produce more entrepreneurs

The Details It's what we do best

About Us


Cookie Flavors

Yup. We only have 4. When we create a Bronis, we perfect it few times to make it extraordinary.



We collaborate with 28 stokist all around the state, ensure the best quality entrepreneurs and cultivate sustainable practices.



We may be small, but we are mighty. We aim to grow slowly to limit our significant footprint and protect our agents.


Team Members

That’s the number of people we’ve employed over 2 years of operation. They are our family and we love our team!



About Us
  • Welcome to Bronis, where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat dessert first!

    I was born and raised in Jitra. . In a previous life, I worked as a marketing analyst in a few different cube farms. I am entirely self-taught when it comes to the kitchen, learning as I go through cookbooks, magazines, television shows, the Internet, and a tremendous amount of trial and error.

    Azila Mahmood
    FOUNDER Bronis Sdn Bhd
  • This is my favourite coffee shop when I'm in Toronto. Freshly roasted coffee with their in-house made coconut or almond milk if you want. All the staff members are lovely, compassionate, and genuine. Their non-caffeinated specialities are great too! 

    Isrul Nisyam
    COO Bronis Sdn Bhd
  • This was the first coffee shop I visited in Manhattan and I had to keep going back. The staff are so welcoming and the quality is there. From the beverages, to the interior, and even the WiFi, it's a perfect little coffee shop. The coolest thing was the latte art that surprised me - it's not everyday you find a pirate in your cup of joe!

    CMO Bronis Sdn Bhd

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